Structures by Linct Group

Grampians national park camp hut

Structure Professionals

Linct Group have a proven delivery history in large scale projects, involving environmentally sensitive areas, coastline restoration, remote locations, conservation preservation, stonework, general building and erosion solutions.

Our specialist team have been involved in the replacement and upgrade of multiple structures such as bridges and walkways in remote and environmentally sensitive areas.Linct Group Engineering and Project Delivery teams have extensive experience in both the civil construction and building and construction industries, with many of our projects having complex or architecturally unique designs.

Grader working on Horrocks Highway shoulder sealing & pavement rehabilitation
Grampians National Park hiker camp
Bridge over water at Dunkeld Arboretum Dam Wall

Bridges and Structures

Large scale civil structures and bridges are part of Linct Groups core delivery services, we have competed some complex structures, that require extensive environmental management and planning, including ariel lifts.

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