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newly developed section of road at Horrocks Highway by Linct Group

Road Professionals

Linct Group are specialist road builders who have a highly experiencedEngineering and Management team who are well versed in all pavement types, from a typical road pavement design to complex intersection upgrades.

Linct Group have been making large contributions to the rehabilitation andBlack Spot Removal Programs in both Victoria and South Australia. Recently, we have delivered 47km’s of rehabilitated road in SA, that feeds into some of the most crucial transport highways across the country and another 8.8km of rehabilitation, drainage and an intersection upgrade.

It is our dedicated engineering and operational teams who deliver these projects, allowing communities, better infrastructure, commute times and travelling on safer road networks.

newly developed section of road at Horrocks Highway by Linct Group
Traffic Control car in Pakenham Linct Group

Traffic Control

Traffic Management is an integral aspect to almost all of our projects. Our traffic management requirements are managed by our internal, pre-qualified experienced traffic management team who utilise both Stop/Slow contra flow and automated temporary traffic lights to safely manage traffic and pedestrians in our worksites.

Our traffic teams are available to service external client requirements and have vast experience on both local government and VicRoads roads

Compliance Standards

Compliance with required quality standards is achieved through Inspection Test Plans (ITPs), developed as part of our Quality Management Plan, for each significant construction activity. ITPs are used by the Supervisor to evaluate works and verify achievement against quality targets. ITPs are subject to continual review. This leads to “no surprises” on site-specific works.

Linct Group engineer Jarod Hosking completing a compliance check

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